Wednesday, April 25, 2007

MMIC-case study one part 2

6 illnesses that we would like to further investigate and associate with regards to the old man's symptoms are:

1) Typhus: The old man lives in unsanitised condition (soiled mattress with the presence of rodents and stray animals).

2) Rat-bite fever: The old man lives in areas infested with rodents and stray animals.

3) Cellulitis: The old man was feeding stray cats and dogs and may have been scratched or bitten by them without knowing.

4) Bubonic plague: The old man has the following symptoms listed in the case study such as fever, rashes and weakness. This disease is spread among rodents by flea bites while the old man may have been infected when he came in contact with the infected animals (stray cats, dogs) and their feces.

5) Toxoplasmosis: The old man may have come in contact with the stray cats' feces which may have the protozoan intracellular parasite Toxoplasma gondii.

6) Lyme disease: As the premise of the old man is playing host to the infestations of pests and rodents such as cockroaches, fleas and rats, the disease is very much a suspected possibility. The transmission vehicles for lyme disease are through mice ticks and the symptoms for the disease are also similar to what the old man has presented (fever, rash and general weakness)

We would also like to consider the fact that the old man's age (85 years) may play a part in reduced immunity levels making him more susceptible to various possible infectious diseases.

MMIC-Case study one

List of possible diseases

1) Bubonic plague > MedlinePlus > Medical Encyclopedia > Bl-Bz > Plague > Project Websites > The prevention of sanitary risks.. > Rodents as Carriers of Disease
2) Toxoplasmosis > MedlinePlus > Medical Encyclopedia > To-Tz > Toxoplasmosis > Project Websites > The prevention of sanitary risks.. > Rodents as Carriers of Disease > A - Z listing of Diseases > T > Toxoplasmosis
3) Rheumatic fever > A - Z listing of Diseases > R > Rheumatic fever
4) Trichinosis > A - Z listing of Diseases > T > Trichinosis
5) Ebola haemorrhagic fever > WHO sites > M > Media centre > Fact sheets > E > Ebola haemorrhagic fever
6) Rat-Bite fever > Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) > Health Topics A-Z > R > Rat-Bite Fever > Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) > Weekly Report > Past Volumes > Volume 53 (2004).. > Fatal Rat-Bite Fever.. > Helpful Info > Rat-Bite Fever
7) Plague > P > Plague > Plague (Site)
8) Cellulitis > Diseases and conditions > C > Cellulitis > Cellulitis Main Article
9) Dengue fever > Fever > Rash (Add symptom) > Weakness (Add symptom) > Dengue Fever (Possible Causes)
10) Typhus > Natural Remedies Encyclopedia > 16 - Poisons > Transmitted Diseases
11) Lyme disease > MedlinePlus > Medical Encyclopedia > Lo-Lz > Lyme disease

MMIC Tutorials 1 to 4: A Simulated Case

A 85-year-old male was found to be staying alone in one-room flat. It is found that his mattress was soiled with human excreta and urine. The premise is infested with cockroaches, fleas and rats. It is known to the neighbors that the elderly man has the habit of feeding stray dogs and cats in the neighborhood.

The elderly man was referred to a nursing home and presented with high fever, rash and general weakness.

How would you approach this situation in order to provide final diagnosis of the suspected microorganisms[s]?

Symptoms presented : High fever, rash, general weakness

Approaching the situation :
- Symptoms
- Suspected diagnosis
- Transmission vehicles [ >1 ]
- Causative microbes [ >1 ]

Group's Expectations

GPA for this Semester: 3.5 and above

SIP learning trip: To have fun and at the same time, be exposed to the reality of working life so as to gain experience.

Projects for the first 6 weeks: To accomplish what is expected of us and at the same time, gain knowledge. Ultimately, to achieve a grade of at least B+.

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